How to Share the Road with Truckers

Everyone has a horror story to tell the terrorist about an encounter with 18-wheeler, and how they were killed almost because of the lack of attention of the truck driver. News programs such as Dateline NBC and 60 minutes to feed the menace to challenge the stories in relation to truck safety. But it does not seem like anybody that they can cause problems due to ignorance of themselves, what is the meaning of running a truck, or to take part in good practice, nothing but the danger to your life. Put in more care about them

Personally, we have seen thick truck drivers on the side of the road, and we have seen unsatisfied drivers who can be very painful, if not deadly, lesson besides, all the trucks traveling on the streets of the country will have adequate form Can not be maintained because of lack of finance or laziness. But for most truck drivers who are paid by miles and are attributed to damaged goods, their lives and livelihoods depend on driving a well-run truck and reaching their destination on cargo times. is.

Tractor tow trucks are responsible for transporting approximately 30 percent of all the cargo sent to the United States. Since the 1920s, technology and better roads have allowed the use of shipment to increase rapidly, resulting in large vehicles and heavy loads. However, after the regulator of the trucking industry, with the exception of small drift in the early 1980s, the number of deaths related to truck traffic has been steadily declining in the last 50 years. Due to the accidents associated with semi trucks, there are deaths reaching the total of 5000 years, most of whom were killed in the passenger vehicles resident of a truck collided with a truck. As drivers, who will have to share the road with semi trucks, we can help us reduce this number even further if we take the time to follow simple driving rules and try to understand that How difficult is the tractor truck in traffic!

We asked Michael Taylor, a special transportation program developer for tractor and trailer training program at Triton College, River Grove, Illinois, what is your list of the motor drivers with the top five truck drivers:

1) Riding at the blind spot of a truck driver. The trucks have large blind spaces and are behind the vehicle. There are small blinds on the right front corner and on the left side of the truck. The worst thing is that the driver can walk in the blind place of the driver without any purpose, where he can not be seen. If you are going to pass a truck, do it and it ends in a bar. Do not sit at the speed of 1 mph per hour with constant speed control compared to the truck's journey.

2) Do not try to cut the traffic in front of a truck in a small space. Do not stand in front of a truck and then stop the brakes trucks take three times the distance to stop like the average passenger car, and you are endangering your own life by cutting a truck and slowing down in front of it.

3) Impatient while investing, Motorists should understand that sometimes it takes time and concentration to roll back 48-foot advance without knocking Sometimes, a truck driver needs trucker bluetooth headset to make many efforts to reverse in smaller places. is. Stay calm and let the truck do its job.

4) Do not play the police Do not try to make a driver in accordance with the idea of ​​a bureaucrat who is right and what is wrong on the road. As an example, Taylor gave way to truck drivers on the highway to the mountainous terrain. A fully loaded truck slows down the road on a hill, on the other side of the hill, a load truck load should speed up the speed truck drivers to use that speed to help the truck climb to the next hill. Do not sit on the speed limit and let the driver of the truck go and worry about the highway patrol citing the truck driver to break the law.

5) No help in lane change or merging. Easy to enter traffic with 22 foot tractors and 48 foot trailers is not easy. If a truck driver has a sign of his inclination, then leave the room to merge or change the lane. Describe your wish to allow the truck to turn its lights on.

According to a brochure "Road Sharing" distributed by John Dare Transport Insurance, the three most common types of accidents associated with heavy trucks include the following:

1) In shock caused by the inability to prevent a truck time.2. The driver who tries to pass a truck as the right turns turns the truck right. Apart from this, the lower part of the curve is known to the right. 3) Accidents caused by a motorist entering the blind places of the truck driver, use the following Golden Rule: If you can not see a truck driver in your mirror, then you probably can not see it.

With the simple, common sense measures to protect yourself and your family while driving near the big truck, the deaths due to traffic accidents will continue to decline. Over the years, the trucking industry has been able to qualify for commercial driver's license (CDL) and By making it more difficult to maintain, the quality of truck drivers has improved. Compulsory drug testing has also been established. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published the following figures in 2008. The rate of addiction rate for drivers involved in fatal accidents was as follows:

23% for drivers of 27% light trucks (trucks and SUVs) for motorcycles, 23% for drivers of passenger drivers, 1% for truck drivers,

Nevertheless, it should work hard to fight scheduled labor, paper stacks and driver fatigue due to the federal rules that work against the natural bio-cyclic cycle of the human body.

The percentage has increased due to best car speakers for bass and sound quality when they install them in their cars too.

With the representatives of the Illinois Transport Association and trainers in Triton College, meeting with truck driving, to know whether it takes the wheel to drive a tractor-trailer, we include Taylor for a new tanker vacant Ho .

We covered suburban streets for the south-east half hour drive of the Ohio Airport. During our 30 minute journey, two motorists left the truck directly in front of the traffic. A young lady in Toyota Selcaca crossed 50 feet in front of us because she met a side street. An elderly couple in a Dodge Grand Caravan turned against our international tractor, and incredibly, a convenience store slows down to avoid scraping the truck on a steep path. In Camero RS, a man attacked from left side, cut it in front of the truck and locked it in a red light which we were nearby. When the light became green, then it got right

These are the types of driving habits that we have to break so that accident rates related to trucks are further reduced. After one day at Truck Driving School, we had left Chicago for Denver in a Subaru outback. During that afternoon and the next day, traveling on I-80 and I-76, we were very conscious of the need for truck drivers with whom we shared the road. We deal with truck drivers and co-workers more humble than usual, and use more patience. We do not have much doubt about the dejéramos that Kenworth came in our lane in Iowa or had tried to defeat the Freightliner in the construction area near Lincoln, Neb, prior to Denver, that much drive is more defensive and less invasive. . However, we felt that our journey was more secure, we made our part to improve road travel. Now it's time to talk about you

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